Peter Rosalita: 10 Year Old Filipino Boy BLOWS SIMON AWAY! America's Got Talent!

​ @America's Got Talent | Season 16 | Auditions

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In season 16, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara with host Terry Crews in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.

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Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the judges' panel along with Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara. Terry Crews, who made a big splash as the host of the inaugural series "America's Got Talent: The Champions" last year, joins as host for "America's Got Talent." With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.

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  1. Talent Recap

    Talent Recap

    9 天 前

    What did you think of the performance? Watch the top 10 best Filipino acts EVER right here:

    • Yasmin Cinco

      Yasmin Cinco

      19 小时 前

      @Yanti Qoestin .

    • Trevo


      2 天 前

      Hello boy

    • Maria Saldaña

      Maria Saldaña

      2 天 前

      Q çws

    • Cecilia Faustin

      Cecilia Faustin

      4 天 前

      Incredible talent!

    • Sharyn Chang

      Sharyn Chang

      4 天 前


  2. Efren Arnold

    Efren Arnold

    小时 前

    Mabuhay ka Peter all the best mate . 👊🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🇵🇭

  3. Lilia roxas

    Lilia roxas

    2 小时 前

    that would have been an easy golden buzzer

  4. Jayson Ricapuerto

    Jayson Ricapuerto

    3 小时 前

    It's charice rendition..

  5. Annie Divins

    Annie Divins

    5 小时 前

    That little boy's got a set of pipes on him sounds amazing 💯 💕💕

  6. Angela Montoya

    Angela Montoya

    6 小时 前

    Qué talento🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎼🎼🎼👏👏👏👏👏🎼🙏

  7. Barbara Tobin

    Barbara Tobin

    6 小时 前

    He has amazing voice and this young man has a gift from God I hope he will use it for God always always because I sing myself

  8. Raymond Agbewu

    Raymond Agbewu

    7 小时 前

    I watch this more than 50 times 😭😭😭😢 beautiful ❤️

  9. Daniel Parel

    Daniel Parel

    9 小时 前

    Another pinoy baiting? Simon, you can't fool us anymore 🤷🤷

  10. Maria Alexis

    Maria Alexis

    9 小时 前


  11. Moktar Ahmad

    Moktar Ahmad

    10 小时 前


  12. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia

    14 小时 前

    Wow what a voice

  13. Seanbaekho Mccarthy_solidfan

    Seanbaekho Mccarthy_solidfan

    14 小时 前

    Kahit anong gawin nating mga pilipino hindi tayo mananalo sa Agt

  14. KURT TV


    16 小时 前

    WOW! Legend

  15. Nashiba Palantig

    Nashiba Palantig

    18 小时 前

    Bruh his a better singer than me😭😭😭

  16. PlayerTravis 98

    PlayerTravis 98

    19 小时 前

    And we invented the karaoke im not lying

  17. PlayerTravis 98

    PlayerTravis 98

    19 小时 前

    I am filipino

  18. Jorobuen Amor

    Jorobuen Amor

    19 小时 前

    I'm proud of you, Kabayan,

  19. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird

    21 小时 前

    Filipinos so talented.... proud filipino

  20. Redel rick Fideles

    Redel rick Fideles

    21 小时 前


  21. rob olaiv

    rob olaiv

    22 小时 前

    mura b b un p6.50 ang large... mas mura parin d2 s manila

  22. Dea Jie Matchica

    Dea Jie Matchica

    23 小时 前

    Proud of being Filipino..

  23. adrian Jafari arimi

    adrian Jafari arimi

    天 前

    Bravo 👏

  24. Eugenia Mena

    Eugenia Mena

    天 前


  25. mhyn tanelteg

    mhyn tanelteg

    天 前

    Galing mo baby boy❤️❤️

  26. funny gaming ph

    funny gaming ph

    天 前

    I'm good to but I don't have confident Psssss give me ⬇️

  27. Toluwani Adeniji

    Toluwani Adeniji

    天 前

    Simon be like wha how does this kid have talent?!

  28. sirima kudagodage

    sirima kudagodage

    天 前

    fanthastis wonderfui i never hear that kind beautiful voice from 10 years old little boy .all the best

  29. Julia G

    Julia G

    天 前

    Great talented kid! Ohhh Sofia V is so funny and gorgeous ever!

  30. Eduardo hidalgo

    Eduardo hidalgo

    天 前

    estoy aki por el teacher manny saludos 10ª pasen la tarea xfavor :c

  31. Arda Inci

    Arda Inci

    天 前

    this kid lowkey produced the best male version of all by myself :)

  32. Γιώργος Μίχαλος

    Γιώργος Μίχαλος

    天 前

    Unbelievable 👏👏👏👏

  33. Елена XXX

    Елена XXX

    天 前

    Bravo!!! Salut from Belarus!

  34. Nancy Wilson

    Nancy Wilson

    天 前

    Awesome. Voice. God. Bless. Him. Omg

  35. Jihan Virginia C. Tandayu

    Jihan Virginia C. Tandayu

    天 前

    Very amazing voice, and a brave singer 👦

  36. gsel sy

    gsel sy

    天 前

    Lahat naman ng Pilipino bumibirit.

  37. alejandra gelvez

    alejandra gelvez

    天 前

    que voz

  38. Pam Terlizzi

    Pam Terlizzi

    天 前

    What a beautiful voice he is a star

  39. Egsheg3hsgsMUGULE MERCY:JESUS


    天 前

    Oh my God

  40. amarda amarda

    amarda amarda

    天 前

    Oh my God so lovely so amazing voice, God bless you sweetheart



    天 前


  42. My Room

    My Room

    天 前

    Far out: that was absolutely amazing!!!!! Unbelievable ………….



    天 前

    good job little boy

  44. NayNene's Kitchen

    NayNene's Kitchen

    天 前

    Peter Rosalita you have a geat voice 🥰



    天 前

    Filipino is a legend of everything

  46. Rodavia Jonathan

    Rodavia Jonathan

    天 前

    Always said Filipinos are really amazing talent but in the end. Not win. Like Marcelino pomoy. Real talk!

  47. Sethee Wolfe

    Sethee Wolfe

    2 天 前

    Wow..he is super

  48. Rodriguez Cielo

    Rodriguez Cielo

    2 天 前

    Blessings to this talented, charming and sweet boy from Bogotá, Colombia 💕💌

  49. hyart feelin

    hyart feelin

    2 天 前

    You know its will be good when he said he came from Philippines

  50. Junaid Macapantar

    Junaid Macapantar

    2 天 前

    woww Im so Proud pilifino Philippines

  51. Yoanky Parrado

    Yoanky Parrado

    2 天 前

    UF felicitaciones es muy bueno

  52. Miriam Jesus

    Miriam Jesus

    2 天 前

    Que fantástico!

  53. coolptguy2020 Oliva

    coolptguy2020 Oliva

    2 天 前

    Pinoy eh ganyan talaga go Peter! Galing mo boy!

  54. Nordic


    2 天 前

    Of course. He is filipino. Mos tfilipinos sing very well.

  55. Shaniel Thomas

    Shaniel Thomas

    2 天 前

    Such a sweet voice but when he sings such a powerful voice

  56. Tinotenda Takaidza

    Tinotenda Takaidza

    2 天 前

    Ooogh my God, he just sent chills all over my body

  57. M.A.R=Muhammad Azrin Rapi

    M.A.R=Muhammad Azrin Rapi

    2 天 前

    The judge should give him a gold buzzer duh



    2 天 前

    Philipinos are just funny!😂🤣🤣 specially their last names.!🤣

  59. Soy yo

    Soy yo

    2 天 前

    Wuao!! Es hermosa voz🥰

  60. Ali Macabalang

    Ali Macabalang

    2 天 前

    that kid reminds me of Charice Pempenco

  61. Вера Вережак

    Вера Вережак

    2 天 前

    Молодчина ребёнок.

  62. Mortal Phiny

    Mortal Phiny

    2 天 前

    He is amazing little boy.. Very funny and smart .. You know It really hard to sing this song it a famale song..for me I think this 1 of the candidate to be a "Golden buzzer"...

  63. Quỳnh Sữa

    Quỳnh Sữa

    2 天 前


  64. A A

    A A

    2 天 前

    That mom is great

  65. Mah Raim

    Mah Raim

    2 天 前


  66. Payne Emelda

    Payne Emelda

    2 天 前

    This performance honestly deserve a golden buzzer

  67. Adahiana Felipe

    Adahiana Felipe

    2 天 前

    Waooo hermosa interpretación

  68. roxy sndiego

    roxy sndiego

    2 天 前

    Simon really hates asian mostly filipinos when it comes on singing bec.he knows they really nailed it.

  69. Patrícia Freires

    Patrícia Freires

    2 天 前

    Amei que Deus abençoe a voz desta criança amo essa música

  70. emily ran

    emily ran

    2 天 前

    very good

  71. Trevo


    2 天 前

    Hello boss

  72. Mietek Napieralski

    Mietek Napieralski

    2 天 前


  73. Aurora Alcantara

    Aurora Alcantara

    2 天 前

    superb...young boy... !

  74. Its Me Lovely M.

    Its Me Lovely M.

    2 天 前

    Me at 10 years old:Dancing Tatlong bibe

  75. jesse noel reyes

    jesse noel reyes

    2 天 前


  76. Laurencia Mushi

    Laurencia Mushi

    2 天 前




    2 天 前

    I am crying.. 😭

  78. Tenten Liban

    Tenten Liban

    2 天 前


  79. Наталья Шабельникова

    Наталья Шабельникова

    2 天 前


  80. Maribella Pirela

    Maribella Pirela

    2 天 前

    Que hermosa voz de este niño que me erizó todo hasta el alma Dios lo Bendiga Grandemente 🙏 Bendiciónes 🙏

  81. Tekie Diaries

    Tekie Diaries

    3 天 前

    That's Filipino talent... ❤ I am Filipino... 😊

  82. yesiownfrodo


    3 天 前

  83. Silva Mell

    Silva Mell

    3 天 前




    3 天 前

    I'm proud I AM A FILIPINO! Taas no kahit kanino saan mang dako sa mundo.

  85. Rose Beauchamp

    Rose Beauchamp

    3 天 前

    Walk 1 mile for seniors

  86. Best Fishing Daily

    Best Fishing Daily

    3 天 前

    Omg from Cambodia

  87. chicklets ylanan

    chicklets ylanan

    3 天 前

    Wow 10 yrs old so amazing my grandson playing only some different kinds of toys....when you growing up your a good singer baby.

  88. 72Amohamed


    3 天 前

    Wow, amazing 👏

  89. Pak Yeoh

    Pak Yeoh

    3 天 前


  90. Bahati Emily

    Bahati Emily

    3 天 前

    Just 10 years old 🥰🥰

  91. Sebi Ruj

    Sebi Ruj

    3 天 前


  92. Chantal Van den adel

    Chantal Van den adel

    3 天 前

    Amazing 🤩

  93. Love Amoah

    Love Amoah

    3 天 前

    Amazingly amazing!

  94. Lorette Bundel

    Lorette Bundel

    3 天 前

    Waw what on voice only 10 years young

  95. Magdalena Kovacikova

    Magdalena Kovacikova

    3 天 前

    Fantastic 🌟🔥👌

  96. Jai Jai

    Jai Jai

    3 天 前


  97. Adeliza Sarco

    Adeliza Sarco

    3 天 前

    Wow its amazing proud for you

  98. Asian Twist

    Asian Twist

    3 天 前

    If simon cowell is there as judge, 100 percent sure this filipino kidwould never ever ever be a winner, coz he simply aint white

  99. Alex Ruth

    Alex Ruth

    3 天 前

    | just wanna express my gratitude to Drayo herbalstore on CNblock for curing my HSV 1&2. God will| bless you

  100. Hermiston Marvin

    Hermiston Marvin

    3 天 前

    The psychedelic bead speculatively question because machine synchronously paint regarding a clumsy printer. psychotic, like bugle