《So I'm a Spider, So What?》- EP16 | 【Ani-One】(Japanese Dubbing | English subtitle)


  1. Elle Crepes

    Elle Crepes

    2 小时 前


  2. Lyle Marie Ceniza

    Lyle Marie Ceniza

    20 小时 前

    Kumoku flexing his immortality.....😄.

  3. keahUwU


    天 前

    The sounds sounds like shinobu xD

  4. OhmygodicantbelieveyoureadthispleasegetalifemyguyO


    2 天 前

    Shun's story is my least liked part of the anime. I'm fine if they had a more original story but it's so generic it's boring.

  5. Ayush Mandal

    Ayush Mandal

    3 天 前

    Anything: happens Shun: Cursed you

  6. RoanDes


    8 天 前

    I see it's just a story of mc in the past soka soka

  7. James Alucard

    James Alucard

    10 天 前

    This kind of fanservice is very cringe for me hahahhahaha it is very annoying

  8. Sin Playz

    Sin Playz

    10 天 前

    I wonder in which ep will the spider get her human form....😑

  9. Inid, John Henry N.

    Inid, John Henry N.

    11 天 前

    No sub

  10. Percival Hotspur

    Percival Hotspur

    11 天 前

    The insect Hashirah is in charge of a spider _ironic_



    12 天 前

    How the hell they breath under the water for so long 😂😂😭😭

    • Nation “Gaming Commentary etc” 6

      Nation “Gaming Commentary etc” 6

      10 天 前

      With the power of anime on their side

  12. Sane Mi Gusta

    Sane Mi Gusta

    13 天 前

    Why does the "D" or the phone or admin sound like Shinobu??? (´・ω・`)三三ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  13. Youtube Critic

    Youtube Critic

    13 天 前

    now i understand this anime

  14. hunny yuki

    hunny yuki

    14 天 前

    " i wasnt reincarnated " now why do i feel like.....admin d is wakaba hiiro herself.. idk i guess im just wrong

  15. Guinevere


    14 天 前

    I came here to watch the Spider not the Shun God damn it!

  16. Leovy Panes

    Leovy Panes

    15 天 前

    Skipping human drama😏

  17. Alexson Austin

    Alexson Austin

    15 天 前

    I wish they kill Oka. Make her suffer first, make it extreme pain and wait until she beg to be kill

  18. DAKS Gaming

    DAKS Gaming

    16 天 前

    I'm only interested on komuko ,timescreen if it's not her I just fast forward

  19. Jerwin Sison

    Jerwin Sison

    16 天 前

    All along i was right! She saved that baby vampire and now that vampire made troubles to her classmates wtf. I already knew something was off, i foresee that they were living diff timelines wtf

  20. max quinn lesmana

    max quinn lesmana

    16 天 前

    The admin D is basically one of the creators of this anime

  21. anson lee li shen

    anson lee li shen

    16 天 前

    Bitch how does a girl who doesnt swim can hold her breathe longer than me

  22. Itz_Jaden Plays

    Itz_Jaden Plays

    17 天 前

    So Fei turned human then this looks like a job for r34 artists

  23. Kātsumi kāstuki

    Kātsumi kāstuki

    18 天 前

    Ammm Wait does the cellphone voice actor its like the voice of the butterfly hashira in DEMON slayer

  24. Lectus Lettuce

    Lectus Lettuce

    18 天 前

    So the teacher is actually as stupid as i expected, she gave horrible edvices and doesnt care much bout her others students

  25. Clariño D. Marc

    Clariño D. Marc

    19 天 前

    22:03 Not gonna lie, that transition made me laugh XD

  26. Cinnamon Lalisa

    Cinnamon Lalisa

    19 天 前

    The hell im so dumb that explains everything 🤣

  27. Josephine Balbes

    Josephine Balbes

    20 天 前

    She was cut yet she was still talking-

    • rishi agirichetty

      rishi agirichetty

      18 天 前

      That's cuz she's immortal.

  28. ꨄᴘʟᴀʏʟɪsᴛ Mᴀᴋᴇʀꨄ

    ꨄᴘʟᴀʏʟɪsᴛ Mᴀᴋᴇʀꨄ

    21 天 前

    I'm sorry but why tf is Fei's hair built like dat- like you asked ur barber to do something fun and this is what u get-

  29. H N K

    H N K

    21 天 前

    I really thought Kumoko is Ariel the demon lord. Story showing 2 different timelines.

  30. Angelo Gaces

    Angelo Gaces

    21 天 前

    Why the story line is so different kumoko suposed to battle the earth dragon right? So what happen pls explain

  31. Angelo 069

    Angelo 069

    21 天 前

    yup, D is voiced by Saori Hayami.

  32. Ken Antonio

    Ken Antonio

    22 天 前

    The human scene's are always cringy

  33. Renz Clyde Soriano

    Renz Clyde Soriano

    22 天 前

    Its not tuna it's more like a very big water dragon

  34. Pak Awan

    Pak Awan

    22 天 前

    The story about future and past time????

  35. Calderon ryan357

    Calderon ryan357

    22 天 前

    so this is what elon musk theory is, is that they are actually confirmed in a simulation and right now where watching someones minecraft world being a total crisis and also a big lore to the admins too

  36. Anime Downloader

    Anime Downloader

    24 天 前

    Spoiler. That white girl is kumoko god form

  37. Doddy Arisnawan

    Doddy Arisnawan

    26 天 前

    You know, the hero and the dragon have formed a contract right? He can just dive and summon her latter at the destination

  38. Silver R

    Silver R

    26 天 前

    劇情需要不得不讓一行人通過,水龍?So easy, PASS!!!

  39. ęńðì


    28 天 前

    yeah you cant found them, because they are on demon side and become a legends who their power beyond dragon level 🙃

  40. 罗智伟


    28 天 前




    个月 前

    So nobody's gonnna react that Katia was reincarnated as a woman and now she's kind of in love with the warrior!!!!???

  42. Isekai Kathoey

    Isekai Kathoey

    个月 前

    Kumoko's so sexy in that bikini.

  43. Toriaezu


    个月 前

    beach episode! uwu

  44. XxRedstone43


    个月 前

    If only the used the summoning in their contract to just tp fei to shun instead but who cares

  45. Alif Alawi

    Alif Alawi

    个月 前

    Shut the hell up! Too much nonesense talking!

  46. Cedrick Casio

    Cedrick Casio

    个月 前

    so Katia was a guy on her previous life. Noted.

  47. Atcera


    个月 前

    I'll tolerate these 'Heroes' survival only because of basgath and Leston, the rest can honestly just die to some slimes or whatever. Oh look the little elf bitch is still holding out information because of course she thinks she knows what's best in this fantasy world where earth logic doesn't apply. LN- readers please tell me she dies a slow painful death, including but not limited to mutilation

  48. Shiwang Tamang

    Shiwang Tamang

    个月 前

    i want an answer kumoko asked there were 26 people including teacher d replied"i wasnt reincarnated" wtf spme1 pls explain

    • Roent Abeleda

      Roent Abeleda

      个月 前

      @Luminous Valentine PLEASE!!!

    • Luminous Valentine

      Luminous Valentine

      个月 前

      Do you want spoilers

  49. allan joseph

    allan joseph

    个月 前

    22:05 😂😂 so cute

  50. Emcie Small

    Emcie Small

    个月 前

    22:47 Ariel Appeared

  51. Ivan Leo Blancaflor

    Ivan Leo Blancaflor

    个月 前

    I can only hear Ushiwaka from the smartphone and not D anymore help

  52. dalala 1905

    dalala 1905

    个月 前

    I think i understand it now

  53. dalala 1905

    dalala 1905

    个月 前

    So thats why in the past episodes where a war is mentioned in the meeting room the demon king says "do you know earth dragon is better than fire dragon" Owshiiii

  54. dalala 1905

    dalala 1905

    个月 前

    So the spider gets to transform into demon which make her the demon king or the strongest among the demon

  55. dalala 1905

    dalala 1905

    个月 前

    Wait so that means the man is in the future while the spider is at the past

  56. INT Rex

    INT Rex

    个月 前


  57. Crimson キリムゾン

    Crimson キリムゾン

    个月 前

    11:31 so Katia was a guy in the past life?

    • Roent Abeleda

      Roent Abeleda

      个月 前

      uhmm yes

  58. Kirito Kyun

    Kirito Kyun

    个月 前

    I hope she gains a Human form in the future😍 Im sure of it that she will be cute and beautiful waifuuu😍❤

  59. Dia_ne


    个月 前

    Dumb humans, stop opening ur mouths when ur on water >:(. -advice from a person who has never swum before

  60. m fakh

    m fakh

    个月 前

    That evil god sound like shinobu from demon slayer



    个月 前


  62. wewe wawa

    wewe wawa

    个月 前

    The admin. Is it us. I just think of it and its kinda linked

  63. spikesagitta


    个月 前

    I really didn't want to see the humans. *sigh* and another hero with a harem in an isekai *double sigh*

  64. nova


    个月 前

    So kumoko becomes the demon king thats the plot twist....her parallel mind defeats the current demon king and take control 😯😯

  65. Priyanshu Sen

    Priyanshu Sen

    个月 前

    Most cutest demon king Ariel is here

  66. weenshen


    个月 前

    10:57 basugasu bakuhatsu

  67. Chicken Curry

    Chicken Curry

    个月 前

    Me everytime its shun's scene: get outta here you are not even a main character idc if you die

  68. 个月 前

    I have to stop midway bcoz im so irritated to the hero. When the guide refused to help them, he was like “eh? Why are you refusing to help?” Its like he is expecting everyone to help him coz he is hero without knowing he is irritatingly weak. Hahaha he is so annoying

  69. vinmatu


    个月 前

    Is it me or the human scene is a bit lackluster to watch?

  70. Pete W

    Pete W

    个月 前

    For me, I liked the puppet taratect fight in manga more. At least we gets to see some exposition of how Kumo defeated it. Plus there were more than one puppet.

  71. Danish Teuku

    Danish Teuku

    个月 前

    didnt Ariel say something before killing her? This monstrosity in the shape of a young girl speaks to me rather affably. But of course, I don’t know the language of this world. So I have no idea what the Demon Lord is saying. “****, *******?” She’s asking me something. I can tell that much by her tone, but I don’t understand the question itself. Anyway, I have to show some kind of reaction, if only to buy time. I tilt my head, point at my mouth, then wave cautiously. Hopefully, this will convey that I can’t understand what she’s saying. It doesn’t look like she’s going to attack me right away. The fact that she’s trying to communicate is proof of that. Or so I thought. “*. *****.” But apparently she didn’t like my reaction. The Demon Lord’s stance changes very plainly. From that of someone chatting to that of someone ready to attack. Teleport? I won’t make it in time. If I could’ve bought a little more time with conversation, it might’ve been a different story, but now I’m going to be killed before I can complete the rune. There’s no point even trying to fight back. Her stats overshadow even Mother’s. And almost all of her crazy-long list of skills is maxed out. Not to mention that resistance. How could I possibly win when most attacks won’t even work? I don’t stand a chance. “*, ****, ***.” The Demon Lord waves an arm. That’s it. Just like that, my body is smashed into splinters.

  72. Manok Na black

    Manok Na black

    个月 前

    I want spider not human Wtf wrong with me I'm a fucking human

  73. zadkiel


    个月 前

    if shun and others are still babies, how come that they encountered the water dragon when kumuko killed it in the past. kumuko's pov is the past right? can someone explain it to me

    • Awal Fajri

      Awal Fajri

      个月 前

      Do you think there is only one water dragon?

  74. Tika Chan Peterpangirl

    Tika Chan Peterpangirl

    个月 前

    Kumoko: "I want to reincarnation as a human as well." Admin D: "But it isn't so bad since you can fly off to start something." Me: "Lucky you, Kumoko. And have immortality skill too."

  75. ho tommy

    ho tommy

    个月 前


  76. pirmansyah 2000

    pirmansyah 2000

    个月 前

    Devil king is not the spider, thats good



    个月 前

    Eng Sub pls

    • Prabhas Rawat

      Prabhas Rawat

      个月 前

      Click on settings, Subtitles:English

  78. John John

    John John

    个月 前

    I can't wait to watch the episode when spider sensei meets her ex classmate

  79. Flame


    个月 前

    Wwre waiting For Spider episode 17 please don't forget.

  80. Emperor Hirodripo

    Emperor Hirodripo

    个月 前

    Koku -Great sage probably?

  81. Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    个月 前

    The teacher aka The Admin is lying so badly

  82. Kamariza Suhaini

    Kamariza Suhaini

    个月 前

    When is the next episode

  83. Dewana B

    Dewana B

    个月 前

    D is us and we are watching this cute Spider struggle to live

  84. Souya Von Bismarck

    Souya Von Bismarck

    个月 前

    Someone please spoil me why's kumokos name is in 14:33

  85. Rainer Ilagan

    Rainer Ilagan

    个月 前

    Why i cant found the next episod.it was 8hours that was poblished but i cant found it



    个月 前

    bruh i ditching this anime the spider and the human never even met so what the point

  87. watcher


    个月 前

    Primo victoria

  88. Jeff Fausto

    Jeff Fausto

    个月 前

    Next EP?

  89. Tanuki Kun

    Tanuki Kun

    个月 前

    I really wish that kumoko meet the hero lol.. I wanna see the expresion

  90. Hamilton's good

    Hamilton's good

    个月 前

    17:50 i like how no one talks about this specific scene where they could speak clearly underwater but still preferes to make the "blblblblblbl.." sound anyways.

  91. Remu


    个月 前

    i have the question, where is leston???

  92. harry james

    harry james

    个月 前


  93. SirLaunsloth


    个月 前

    tanya talks to her adjutant again

  94. Rey Pamitalan

    Rey Pamitalan

    个月 前

    14:10 hold up, im confused, was she used to be a dude before!?!?!?!

    • Rey Pamitalan

      Rey Pamitalan

      个月 前

      @lukbom R. so it a trap

    • lukbom R.

      lukbom R.

      个月 前

      Yes,they mentioned it before.

  95. ziraichika (Zidane)

    ziraichika (Zidane)

    个月 前

    And here I thought I knew what was coming, I thought Wakaba became the Devil King because literally every sign towards it, but you know the last few seconds BUT it could be that Wakaba somehow defeats the Demon King and then takes her form and becomes the new Demon King AND ACTUALLY, in the OP and in the end of this episode the Demon King whenever she is with Wakaba she is rendered in 3D like monsters which is weird, but if you see her when we see her in the Shun Time, she is drawn in 2D which could indicate something or maybe I am looking into it too much

    • Awal Fajri

      Awal Fajri

      个月 前

      Beware, this anime have false hint.

  96. Tang Chee Sum

    Tang Chee Sum

    个月 前

    I think the author got his inspiration and ideas from Charlotte's web. Anybody still remember Charlotte's web?

  97. TSM LAG


    个月 前

    Where can I read LN of this?

  98. PhShokaku De leon

    PhShokaku De leon

    个月 前

    She had died forever

  99. Sebastian Rex

    Sebastian Rex

    个月 前

    Now this is interesting...

  100. Chen Kai

    Chen Kai

    个月 前

    >:3 sho qute the champion part.. CHAMPION!! >:3